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Field Report about 5 years of experience in fully automatic Feeding System for Fish Farming. Fish farmer Werner Ruf, Wildbad 4, D-86925 Fuchstal near Landsberg am Lech reported about his 5 years of experience with Spotmix Fish Feeding System from Schauer Maschinenfabrik.

“The Spotmix Multiphase Feeding System meets all requirements of a modern Fish Feeding- and Management System. Even more, the system works unbelievably precisely, which I could not imagine before”, said Mr. Ruf.

  • Feeding on demand at requirements of different fish herds at any time with out any restrictions.
  • Automatic O2-enrichment before the feeding and adjustment of feed curve due to the water temperature, avoid feed losses.
  • Underground installation of feed pipes enable to dispense feed to feeding points, which are up to 800 m away. Thus you have more space around the ponds/channels.
  • Fully automatic feedings all-the-year avoid fluctuations of the feed supply during holidays.
  • Permanent optimisation of feed strategy can be achieved due to exact management data and the excellent flexibility of the system concerning adjustment of recipe, quantity and dispensation.
  • Mr. Ruf managed to realise feed savings of 10 %, due to an optimal mixture of feed and several feedings per day and feeding point. Therefore the payback period for his Feeding System was only about 3 years.

As Mr. Ruf is absolutely content with the Spotmix Fish Feeding System, he invested in two more systems for his further production sites.

Spotmix the labour and feed saver

The German aquaculturist Stefan Hofer said: 
'Inspite of the fact that the investment costs seemed to be high when
I bought Spotmix Fish, the whole System has been amortized after two years entirely'

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