Spraying Machine



This spraying machine has already proven its efficiency.

Spraying arms

  • foldable behind the tank or diagonally next to the tank
    They can be opened manually or hydraulically.
  • spray width:  18, 21 and 24 m for hydraulic type, 16 and 18 m for manual type
  • All tubes are made of stainless steel.
    With trijet spray caps:  whirl cap, slit cap, rain cap


  • 600 or 800 l for manual type; 800 or 1.200 l for hydraulic type
  • made of polyester and reinforced with fiberglass
  • with tank with clean water to rinse the spraying machine and for your personal care on the field
  • with mixing tank to mix the product evenly; with sieve basket in the filler

Technical ingenuities

  • with anti-dripsystem: no more dripping after closing the tap
  • An efficiently working cradle guarantees a perfect stability and keeps the spraying arms horizontally.
  • distribution tap double sector:  results in an even spraying flow over all sections


  • computerized flow regulation makes it possible to keep constant a certain number of liters per hectare even when the speed of the tractor changes
  • electronical steering (with push buttons) in the tractor to
      • open the spraying arms
      • activate the section taps

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