- Model S Series - Stationary Dryers for High-quality and Efficient Grain Drying



S series stationary dryers — for high-quality and efficient grain drying. The new stationary S series dryers by Mepu dry the grain in a gentle, energy-efficient, and reliable manner even under challenging circumstances. Grain batch humidity has no effect on the outcome, since the grain is dried by circulating it through drying cells and equalizing the grain humidity in the top bin for so many times that the entire grain batch is fully dry.

Mepu Agro and RCW Junior, with volumes between 100 and 300 hectolitres, are dryers for small and medium-sized farms. Thanks to their small footprint, these models are especially suitable for small modular dryer solutions as well as for renovation sites. Agro and RCW Junior are conventional stationary dryers and work best with overpr

Advanced Drying Technology

S series dryers are based on the same high-quality technology as Mepu’s high-power continuous flow dryers. In addition to advanced drying technology, reliability and ease of use have been emphasized in the dryer design.

The S series stationary dryer range is a complete solution designed and manufactured in Finland.

  1. Bottom Trough
    The steep and smooth-walled bottom trough ensures that the grain falls on the bottom screw in all conditions, resulting in a carefree drying process. It is easy to clean the bottom trough, through the large maintenance hatch.
  2. Feeding Apparatus
    The rollers with flaps (S2: 4pcs / S3: 6pcs / S4: 8pcs) with adjustable speed ensure that the grain is circulated evenly in all conditions and with all grain types. The continuous adjustment / opening mechanism of the bottom hatches enables uncrushed grain to be fed to the apparatus, with different grain types. The feeding apparatus can be cleaned easily, using the maintenance hatches located on the sides, and through the bottom hatches that can be opened.
  3. Air Ducts
    The internal surface of air ducts is smooth, so that grain does not become stuck on the surfaces, and the maintenance need is low. The optimized surface area of the air ducts ensures that the drying result is energy-efficient. Large maintenance hatches enable maintenance works to be performed quickly and easily. Any grain that has been blown to the air chambers will be returned from both sides, back to the feeding apparatus, thus reducing the cleaning need of the air chambers.
  4. Drying Cells
    The mixed-flow drying cells ensure that the air and the grain is mixed efficiently, resulting in a smooth and energy-efficient drying result. The drying cells stay clean thanks to their smooth internal surfaces, making maintenance work quick and effortless.
  5. Grain Bin
    The durable and smooth-surfaced grain bin ensures that grain flows into the drying cells even in wet and demanding conditions, ensuring that the drying process is trouble-free.
  6. Elevator
    The maintenance-free, efficient and silent bucket elevator ensures that the dryer is filled and emptied quickly. The elevator can be positioned flexibly in relation to the dryer, making the positioning of the dryer easier. There's a 3-way divider at the elevator top part, which you can use to change the grain flow to the dryer or away from it.
  7. Pre-cleaner and Spreader
    The pre-cleaner fitted with a spreader (S3 and S4 models) spreads the grain evenly in the grain bin, filling the grain bin efficiently, as well as cleaning the grain from any rubbish and dust.
  8. Fans
    Highly efficient centrifugal or axial fans ensure that the drying result is cost-effective.
  9. Heat Source
    The efficient vacuum furnaces and direct-fire gas burners ensure that the drying result is cost-efficient.
  10. Control Panel
    Simple and logical control panel included in the standard delivery, which makes the dryer easy to use.
  11. Safety Equipment
    The sturdy ladder and the maintenance level meet the requirements of the Machinery Directive, as do other safety solutions of the dryer.
  12. Base
    A high base enables for grain to fall directly onto the elevator.

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