Stationary Dryers


We have a wide range of dryer models to suit every farmer's needs. There are four basic models, AGRO, DCR, RCW and RCW Junior, with capacities up to 600 hectolitres. By altering the size of the drying cell and grain bin sections it is possible to obtain the optimal dryer system.

Mepu Agro and RCW Junior, with volumes between 100 and 300 hectolitres, are dryers for small and medium-sized farms. Thanks to their small footprint, these models are especially suitable for small modular dryer solutions as well as for renovation sites. Agro and RCW Junior are conventional stationary dryers and work best with overpressure furnaces.

The RCW and DCR models are best suited for medium-to-large farms and industrial use. The RCW uses the cell structure of the mobile dryer which yields the most economical drying result. The DCR, equipped with a touch-screen logic control centre, is a new-generation top of the range model utilising an efficient negative-pressure furnace. The five-blade rotary feed rollers in Mepu's stationary dryers guarantee an even and constant infeed in all circumstances. The standard equipment includes a retrieval system for grain that misses the target and ends up in the exhaust air compartment. All Mepu's stationary dryers can be easily connected to a cost-efficient Mepu Bio Heat Unit.

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