FACMA s.r.l.

- Model 85 HP - Polyvalent Hydrostatic Agricultural Tractor


Safe - Not removable protection frame ROPS; automatic braking in neutral and in standby  position; very low centre of gravity.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:  Reduction of the total emissions thanks to the reduction of movement and working times, with relative decrease of the hourly consumption of fuel.

STABLE: Drawdown of the masses, of the mechanical components, of the driver’s seat; bearing frame with purpose of tank for the transmission fluid; hydraulic motors inside of the wheel rim; very low centre of gravity, minimum height from the ground 260 mm; optimal distribution of the weights.

MANOEUVRABLE: 3 driving wheels, reduced steering radius; braking on every wheel; immediate motion reversibility; automatic deactivation of the front wheel drive over 15 km/h of speed.

ERGONOMIC: safety of the protective structure; totally hydraulic transmission with consequent simplicity and immediacy of the controls; clutch safety of the transmission control; reduction of the vibrations; total visibility at every side.

USEFUL: unique for orchards under-tree working without lowering the protection bar, for hill or mountainous territories, for  the forestry industry, for the green industry, in open field; 2 ranges of speed (0-15 Km/h and 15-40 Km/h); hitches for agricultural tools also in the front side.

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