- Model Pic-O-Mat - Greenline Transplanting Machine



The Pic-O-Mat Greenline transplants larger batches at a revolutionary capacity. Smaller batches can be transplanted with the same machine without any mechanical adjustments.

The newest transplanting machine, the Pic-O-Mat Greenline has taken the next technological step using high-resolution position feedback and servo control: creating high accuracy at high speed. Designed for growers looking for a flexible, reliable and fast transplanter, meeting the diverse planting demands of today’s growers. The Pic-O-Mat Greenline is a medium sized transplanter designed for growers with a wide range of trays and transplanting programs. Almost every combination can be programmed at site using a touch screen with obvious icons. It’s unique design makes the machine compact and easy to use in almost every situation. The Pic-O-Mat Greenline transplanters are equipped with servo driven Visser grippers which give a high flexibility in combinationwith a high capacity. This enables you to switch product with just one touch on the touch screen and no mechanical adjustments are needed. The well known Visser grippers guarantee a perfect planting result.

  • Available with 6, 8, 12 or 24 grippers, depending on your capacity wishes.
  • Outputs of up to 1700 planting cycles per gripper per hour can be achieved.
  • Each gripper is driven by individually controlled servo technology.
  • By using side shift planting the plants are being approached from the side, which leads to a minimum plant damage.
  • User friendly touch screen.
  • Simple programming features enable the operator to input new planting combinations.
  • No mechanical changes required.
  • Visser’s unique gripper design eliminates the need for bespoke lifting fingers from beneath the tray.
  • Single gripper size for a wide variety of plug tray cell size i.e. 642 to 72.
  • All planting combinations are possible including multi plants per cell/pot/basket.
  • Suitable for cell trays, end packs, pots in carrying trays and planters.
  • Up to 100 planting combinations can be stored and selected from the simple on screen menu in seconds.
  • Easily integrated in new or existing production systems.

  • Dimensions L x W x H : 5.300 x 2.350 x 2.300mm
  • Total kVA : 4 kVA
  • Number of grippers : 6 – 8 – 12 – 24
  • Number of trays in buffer : 6
  • Total number of planting combinations that can be stored in the program : 100
  • Capacity guidelines : up to 1700 plants/gripper/hour depending on type of trays and type of plants

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