Agriculture Wastewater

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  • Biodegradable
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    By Chitosanlab

    Chitosan is a biodegradable, non-toxic, linear cationic polymer obtained by the N-deacetylation of chitin. The substance is not soluble in water but becomes soluble in dilute acids when the degree of ...

  • Agricultural and Viticulture Wastewater Cisterns
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    Agricultural and Viticulture Wastewater Cisterns


    Agricultural and viticultural activities will in general generate waste waters of multiple types, residues of pesticides, remains resulting from the treatment of grapes to produce vine (pressing, vinification, bottling) ...

  • Bio-WaterClean Odeur
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    Bio-WaterClean Odeur

    By SHIEER Bio Systems s.r.o.

    A stable, biodegradable liquid concentrate that is binding ammoniac and sulphur hydrogen in wastewater, eliminating poisonous gas and bad scent. It contains not less than 62.000 different carriers that all have a ...

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  • Polteknik Negeri Lampung

    Our Company is dedication for education people for agriculture technologies. reaserch for technologies about plantation wastewater treatment to ...

  • University of Agricultural Sciences

    Host institution is primarily a service provider to the farming community. In view of the environmental threats from industrialization on ...

  • Quality Water Services

    Representing Lindsay International supplying GPS driven Center Pivots, Build and maintenance all Irrigation, Effluent, Agricultural and Industrial ...

  • BluePlanet Labs

    BluePlanet Labs

    BluePlanet has unique technological expertise able to formulate and stabilize biologically active products targeted to specific applications that can ...

  • TracMap NZ Ltd.

    TracMap NZ Ltd.

    Before starting design of the award-winning TracMap GPS Guidance systems, considerable research of users needs was undertaken. This formed the basis ...