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In America, plum is not only a kind of snack, and it can also match all kinds of raw materials and be made all kinds of delicious food such as salad, cake and so on. Plum has many processed products such as dried prunes, prune juice, prune pudding and so on. But the most popular is dried prunes because of its advantages. Dried prunes are often eaten right from the package as a convenient, portable, nutritious snack.
In fact, not all plum varieties can be dried. The high sugar content and firm flesh of the American variety allows it to be dried without fermentation occurring around the pit. Dried prunes are industrially by air-drying fresh plums at 85-90 ℃ for 18 hours. Do you know how to process prunes into dried prunes? This needs a series of steps, and these includes weighing, washing, dehydration and packing. In these steps, the key part is dehydration (the drying process). Let’s talk about it in detail.

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