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Regional Analysis of use Patterns of Plant Protection Products in Six EU Countries


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This study followed a review conducted by LEI-DLO in Phase 1 of the project on possibilities for future EU environmental policy on plant protection products (PES-A).

In their review LEO-DLO suggested three avenues for investigation:

Areas of more than moderate use of plant protection products:

Germany - Nordrhein Westfallen, Rheinland Pfalz, Berlin

France - Champagne-Ardennes, Alsace, Haute Normandie, Centre,
Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, Ile de France, Picardie, Nord-Pas de Calais, Languedoc-Rouissillon

Belgium - Belgium

Netherlands - Netherlands

Spain - Rioja, Murcia, Canarias, Valencia

United Kingdom - East Anglia

The intensity of use of plant protection products which vary substantially between countries.
Possible crops to be studied were given as:

Soft wheat · Barley
With this as a background the following sub-project terms of reference were issued.

Terms of Reference

Through a basis of agronomic analysis at farm level, the objective was to study:

Differences at farm(withing regions)

What differences in use between farms can be found within a region?
What are the reasons for these differences?
What is the scope for reduction that is economically acceptable?
What are the possible future developments or trends related to the use of plant protection products?

Differences at crop level(between regions)

What are the reasons for these differences?
Are these differences merely explained by variations in natural conditions, diseases, crop rotations, plant protection product prices or other reasons?
Are there other differences that might give scope for reduction?

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