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  • Sundance - Power Broom

    Sundance - Power Broom

    Ideal for sweeping crop debris from beds with plastic mulch. Sweeps with minimal tearing allowing for re-use of the plastic mulch. Hydraulics operate from tractor. Available in one row configuration only for wide beds 60'-86'. Category II 3-point linkage mounted.

  • Drip Systems

    Drip Systems

    It has been reported that more than 4,500 years ago the hanging gardens of Babylon were drip irrigated. Modem drip irrigation as we know it today is about 50 years old. In this short period of time many system designs have evolved. Some of the major installations are surface, subsurface, permanent and disposable systems as well as household, commercial landscape and agricultural applications.

  • Sundance - Puller

    Sundance - Puller

    Pulls or cuts the roots. Effective in killing the plant - cotton, corn, tomatoes, melons, ect. High-speed operation - low horsepower (6-rowl 100 h.p., 8-10 m.p.h.). Available in 2 - through 12-row and larger. Advantageous in Minimum-tillage practices.

  • Sundance - Modified Disk

    Sundance - Modified Disk

    Disk, rip, and list all in the pass. Exceptoinal incorporation of crop debris. Lends itself to the minimum-tillage strategy. Maintains integrity of row, regardless of number of trips. Available in 2-through 8-row models. 3-point linkage mounted (3-point category II or III).

  • Sundance - Irrigation Tape Injector

    Sundance - Irrigation Tape Injector

    Precise burial depth of dripper lines 2' - 15' with variations of less than 1'. Available in 1- through 8-row configurations. Low horsepower requirement - 150 h.p. for 6-row. Row spacings of 30' through 80' and larger. 3-poing linkage mounted (3-point category II and III).

  • Sundance - Irrigation Tape Extractor

    Sundance - Irrigation Tape Extractor

    Rips below on either side of tape * Hydraulically winds spent tape. 3 point hitch linkage mount * Removes top one to three inches of soil. Hydraulic operates from tractor ports * Hydraulically dumps spent tape. Available in one or two row configuration only. Operator platfrom standard with auxillary speed controls.

  • Sundance - Mulch Extractor

    Sundance - Mulch Extractor

    Hydraulically winds up spent plastic mulch on original plastic mulch core or 2' PVC pipe. Hydraulics operate from tractor. Hydraulically dumps spent plastic mulch. Winds up to three rows simultaneously. Category II 3-point linkage mounted.

  • Sundance - Roller Bed Shaper

    Sundance - Roller Bed Shaper

    Finishing machine for precise bed shaping. Firms sides and top of beds. Available in 1 - through 8-row configurations and larger. Roller provides consisten bed shaping. 3-point linkage mounting.

  • Sundance - Power Mulcher

    Sundance - Power Mulcher

    Ideal for incorporation of pre-plant fertilizer or herbicide. Excellent incorporation throughout the top 6'. Direct mounting to tractor PTO and 3-point hitch. Available in 2 - through 8-row configurations. Can be ordered with tank and spry capabilities.

  • Sundance - Schemeiser Loose Ring Roller

    Sundance - Schemeiser Loose Ring Roller

    Helps to incorporate debris. Breaks up clods and firms the ground. Available in 2 - through 8-row configurations. 3-point linkage mounted. Can be used as a crust buster.

  • Sundance - Peel Off Disk

    Sundance - Peel Off Disk

    Ideal for flattening beds * Ideal for cleaning furrows. Low horsepower requirement * Works well in stubble farming. Available in 2 - through 12-row * 3-point linkage mounted.