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  • Cow Comfort Equipments

  • EasyFix - Cow Mat

    EasyFix - Cow Mat

    Providing a good level of comfort at an affordable price, the Cow Comfort Mat with its honey-combed under surface offers a good value cow comfort solution.

  • EasyFix - Standard Mat

    EasyFix - Standard Mat

    Our cubicle standard cow mat provides a good value solution to your comfort needs. This standard mat with its bubble undersurface, offers a good level of comfort at an affordable price.

  • EasyFix - Heifer Mat

    EasyFix - Heifer Mat

    A straight edged mat, Bubble under-surface for comfort, 5’x3’X17mm thick, Easy to install

  • EasyFix - Calf Comfort Slat Rubber

    EasyFix - Calf Comfort Slat Rubber

    An easy-to-store alternative to straw bedding for calves, this timber pallet with its rubber covering offers a dry comfortable lying surface for calves. Easy to clean with a power hose, the calf comfort slat provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional straw bedding.

  • EasyFix - SandSaver

    EasyFix - SandSaver

    The EasyFix Sand Saver features a unique honeycomb design, which maximises the distribution of sand in the cubicle. The sloped profile towards the front of the sand saver increases cow comfort when rising and lying.

  • Walkways and Feed Areas

  • EasyFix - Slat Rubber System

    EasyFix - Slat Rubber System

    The patented EasyFix Slat Rubber Flooring System is the leading slat rubber product in the marketplace, selling in many countries worldwide. EasyFix Slat Rubber Flooring has been proven to increase comfort, reduce lameness and increase productivity in animals. The high-grip comfortable surface increases mobility, reduces the risk of lameness and increases the standing time at the feedfence.

  • EasyFix - EasyFeeder

    EasyFix - EasyFeeder

    A plastic feed trough system, suitable for all diet feeders and mixer wagons, the EasyFix EasyFeeder increases feed intake and milk yields.