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  • Alarm Units

  • Dr.Bell - Alarm Calls and Remote Control Unit

    Dr.Bell - Alarm Calls and Remote Control Unit

    Direct access from telephone to control units, supervising units and alarm-unit. Inquiries are done by pressing a few keys and a reply is given in clear speech. Supervises other units through network and undertakes alarm calls. At defined events it carries out calls to 4 telephone numbers. Repeating same or next number up to 10 times each. Simple change to the telephone number to which the first call is made. Calls received by Personal Pager shows...

  • Dr.Mayday - Alarm Units

    Dr.Mayday - Alarm Units

    Alarm supervision. 8 digital input channels. Activation of 4 output channels. Expandable. More units operates in network. Also available with integrated Speech Processor Dr.Bell. Pause function with automatic restarting after 60 min. Easy and clear operation

  • Fish Farming, Water Oxidation

  • Dr.Oxygen - Oxygen Controller

    Dr.Oxygen - Oxygen Controller

    Measuring of oxygen tension and temperature on 2 sites. Shows oxygen tension in mg/l, % saturation and IDEAL. Controls supply of oxygen in the inlet on the basis of the requirement at the outlet. Build-in datalogger - data can be transferred to a personal computer. Communication-port for remote control by PC Professor Partyline, optionally through telephone using Dr.Bell