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  • Agrofarm - Tractor

    Agrofarm - Tractor

    The new Agrofarm series is the typical tractor for grassland, field maintenance and farmyard use and offers particular advantages in the compact medium class. The Agrofarm ranges from 56 to 96hp and with a practical range of transmissions and professional hydraulic system, it is a genuine all rounder.

  • Agrotron  - Model K Series - Tractor

    Agrotron - Model K Series - Tractor

    The Agrotron K meets the high demands made by arable and grass farms with its versatility, flexibility, manoeuvrability, compactness and optional equipment to meet special requirements.Available in 4 different series with horsepower ranging from 65 to 130.

  • Agrotron - Model M Series - Tractor

    Agrotron - Model M Series - Tractor

    This tractor is the culmination of the rich experience of more than 80 years of major technological leadership in the agricultural machinery industry.  Its extensive cabin glazing of 6.5m2 gives a unique panoramic view of 320o.Automatic rapid reaction, high speed suspension adaptation to all the road, field or local conditions allows for comfortable working conditions at all times.  With horse power ranging from 89 to 192 there is a version...

  • Machinery

  • Fella - Disc Mower

    Fella - Disc Mower

    Front and rear mounted. From 2.5 metre to 8.3 metre working width.Field Capacity from 3ha/hr to 10ha/hr.8 to 10 cutter discs each with 2 blades/disc

  • Fella Rakes

    Fella Rakes

    Two- rotor side rakes allow to form one single swath, one double swath or two small swaths - Up to 7 metres working width - 10 and 10 or 12 and 12 tine arms/rotor depending on size - Transport length is 8.9 metres long.

  • Sulky Optline Seed Drill

    Sulky Optline Seed Drill

    Sulky Optline Seed Drill - Vertically folding centreline side markers (1 SA) with double security - Hydraulically driven fan - Row-by-row peg-wheel metering (from 1.5 to 400 kg/ha) - Sieve - Electronic tramlining controls - Rate calibration tray with emptying hatch. Air filter for fan. Mechanical seed level indicator. Tramline visual indicator. Split-drive for ½ drill work. Available in both 3 and 4 metre working width.

  • Potato Equipment

  • Potato Harvester

    Potato Harvester

    2003 underhaug 2600, wheel drive, 36mm webs, picking table, dolmans and teleweb excellent condition.