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  • Angel's Fishing Rod

    Angel's Fishing Rod

    Dierama ‘Merlin’ or more commonly known as Angel’s fishing rod is a perennial with clusters of deep purple flowers along the arching flower stem in summer. It is an elegant feature plant that prefers a sunny sheltered position in the garden. This plant prefers to grow undisturbed in the garden, but Dierama ‘Merlin’ can also be planted in containers on the patio provided it is kept moist at all times. It gives dramatic...

  • Dahlia


    Dahlia ‘Knockout’ is one of an estimated 50,000 varieties of Dahlias available in the world today. What makes this variety so special is the bright yellow flower of Dahlia ‘Knockout’ has prominent orange centres and its striking contrast against the black lacquered leaves on the main plant. This Dahlia provides a stream of colour to the border or alternatively a stunning high impact feature plant when planted in a suitable...