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  • Irrigation for Fruit

    Irrigation for Fruit

    We can provide a full on-site survey using laser level for substrate grown crops such as strawberries in bags and raspberries in pots. Although the majority of our clients install their own systems, we can either organise installation or involve one of our industry partners directly with you. We ensure all new growers receive extra help and advice.

  • Irrigation for Vegetables

    Irrigation for Vegetables

    We design and supply pressure compensated drip irrigation systems for multi-season use on potato, onions, carrots, lettuce, and other field vegetable crops. We provide sprinkler systems and incorporate a selection of sprinklers that meet modern requirements for uniform water application to allow you to satisfy the demands of your customers. Why use 40 years old sprinkler designs when the supermarkets have moved on so far from the 1970s. Through our...

  • Netafim Irrigation System for Sloping Land

    Netafim Irrigation System for Sloping Land

    Hugh Lowe is a farm situated on sloping land with gradients easily up to 10%. In order to improve the quality of raspberry production Tom Pearson, Farms Manager at Hugh Lowe Farms Ltd, asked New Leaf Irrigation Ltd to design and supply a Netafim irrigation system for this farm. Production is to move toward pot production of raspberry to reduce the area under production and cut out the use of soil sterilization methods, as well as improving the quality...

  • Custom Irrigation System for a Glasshouse

    Custom Irrigation System for a Glasshouse

    The Young Plants Unit at Palmstead Nurseries Ltd posed a particularly interesting challenge when it came to the application of irrigation requirements for the whole unit. Our aim was to provide a system that was somewhat unique and used the latest technology that was available in the market place. A key feature contributing to the successful installation of the system, was the fact that the irrigation planning was conducted whilst the glasshouse was...

  • Propagation of Rooted Tips

    Propagation of Rooted Tips

    A system suited for the propagation of rooted tips generated from the cuttings (deflasking) of Blue Berry plants primarily grown in tissue culture under laboratory conditions, in an area comprising 3 zones with a holding capacity of around 45,000 plants per zone.