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  • Bamboo Tree Stakes

    Bamboo Tree Stakes

    Bamboo has been used for staking of ornamental trees for many years and now with the countless advantages that have been proven in the growth and production of fruit trees, bamboo staking is becoming the most economical and effective way of training the entire tree.

  • Bin Filler

    Bin Filler

    This new bin filler with its quiet & trouble free hydraulic system can handle a large volume of fruit. It also has a variable speed control on the let down belt and powered placement brush, this allows handling of more sensitive fruit.

  • Box Rotators

    Box Rotators

    130 degree or 180 degree Box Rotators available with or without optional clamping system. Now with two models available you can get the best 'BOX ROTATOR' for your application at the lowest possible cost. With a 130 or 180 degree rotator you can dump fruit, vegetables, fertilizer and many other products directly into a truck, spreader or hopper with your existing forklift, saving valuable time and extra labor.

  • Model N - Box Shuttle

    Model N - Box Shuttle

    The new 'N' model Box Shuttle was designed especially for the narrow, high density orchards of today. Its narrow overall width of less than sixty (60) inches will accommodate most bins and its specially designed hydraulic tilt hitch allows a much sharper turning radius for easy access to even the narrowest rows. The optional automatic 'Tail Hook' prevents bins from sliding off the back end while traveling on hilly terrain.

  • Casoron Spreader

    Casoron Spreader

    With cost being the biggest factor in weed control CASORON is looking better than ever. With a new applicator available, the grower can apply CASORON and also many other granular materials at a controlled rate and pattern width. This keeps cost at a minimum. The applicator has a 45 lb. hopper that mounts on the side of your tractor and uses a 12 volt electrical blower and metering device. With this new applicator the grower can apply materials faster...

  • Peach Blossom Thinner

    Peach Blossom Thinner

    The advantages of blossom thinning have been known for many years. Early blossom removal allows the tree's vigor to be used only for the fruit intended for harvest. This increases the fruit size and at the same time, eliminates many hours of costly hand thinning. This mechanical thinning machine, with its many features, makes blossom thinning a practical way to save both time and money. This will enable the grower to experience a better crop and a...