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  • Cultivators and Harrows

  • Rake & Roller

    Rake & Roller

    The consolidation roller on the Rake & Roll machine not only improves seed to soil contact for an excellent weed chit, but by carrying the weight of the machine it enables precise control of tine depth and a unique vertical tine action.

  • Model TS - Crumbler

    Model TS - Crumbler

    The TS Crumbler creates a consolidated, level seedbed with a weatherproof finish; suitable for min-till cultivation and plough based systems. Fitting Flexi-Till rollers and 3 rows of short straw harrow tines creates a finer finish, used in preparation for sugar beet. The tines are angle adjustable and can be removed easily, allowing you to swap ack to pigtail tines for a coarser Autumn finish.

  • Subsoiler

  • Subsoiler with FT Following Press

    Subsoiler with FT Following Press

    The Advantage is a soil restructuring machine using Sabre Ultralite tines and Diamond consolidation roller technology. The Advantage can replace a traditional subsoiler or be used as a vital tool in a No-till cultivation system. With low organic matter levels in soil, a wet climate and often high clay content, British soils require a good restructuring pass to remove compaction and promote improved soil health, even in No-till systems. The...

  • Sabre Tine

    Sabre Tine

    The Sabre Tine was developed to restructure soil across the full working width; not leaving compacted ridges between the tines. The specific tine angles and patented technology of the Sabre Tine mean that soil is effectively and permanently restructured by the creation of vertical fissures and the permanent re-arrangement of aggregates loosened at depth. Sabre Tines restructure without boiling soil and creating clod, leaving minimum...

  • Consolidation Rollers

  • Diamond - Consolidation Roller

    Diamond - Consolidation Roller

    The Diamond roller is a steel packer with good clod crushing ability, giving consolidation to depth. We offer our own range of consolidation rollers, which are available as retro-fit products as well as being fitted to our machines.