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  • Cultivators and Harrows

  • Rake & Roller

    Rake & Roller

    The consolidation roller on the Rake & Roll machine not only improves seed to soil contact for an excellent weed chit, but by carrying the weight of the machine it enables precise control of tine depth and a unique vertical tine action.

  • Model TS - Crumbler

    Model TS - Crumbler

    The TS Crumbler creates a consolidated, level seedbed with a weatherproof finish; suitable for min-till cultivation and plough based systems. Fitting Flexi-Till rollers and 3 rows of short straw harrow tines creates a finer finish, used in preparation for sugar beet. The tines are angle adjustable and can be removed easily, allowing you to swap ack to pigtail tines for a coarser Autumn finish.

  • Subsoiler

  • Subsoiler with FT Following Press

    Subsoiler with FT Following Press

    The Advantage is a soil restructuring machine using Sabre Ultralite tines and Diamond consolidation roller technology. The Advantage can replace a traditional subsoiler or be used as a vital tool in a No-till cultivation system. With low organic matter levels in soil, a wet climate and often high clay content, British soils require a good restructuring pass to remove compaction and promote improved soil health, even in No-till systems. The...

  • Consolidation Rollers

  • Diamond - Consolidation Roller

    Diamond - Consolidation Roller

    The Diamond roller is a steel packer with good clod crushing ability, giving consolidation to depth. We offer our own range of consolidation rollers, which are available as retro-fit products as well as being fitted to our machines.