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    Poul-AR® Valorization of poultry manure

    Colsen has developed a new technology to valorize poultry manure. Where until now poultry manure is considered a waste stream and a considerable cost, Poul-AR® now represents an important valorization step, by which the manure will generate nutrients and energy. This is directly associated with considerable operational benefits and thus represents this technology a large added value for the ...

    By Colsen International b.v.

  • Biogas Technology Brochure

    Biogas – methane results from the fermentation of organic substances in nature, but also in technical plants. In the latter, fermentable substances are filled in containers, the so-called fermenters, and brought to a temperature of e.g. 38°C. This is the right temperature for a very efficient fermentation process through methanogenic bacteria.Biogas consists of methane, hydrogen ...

  • References list of completed works for biogas- Brochure

    Page 1 of 3 References list of completed works for biogas (beginning): # Code Location N el, kW V methane, m3/day Raw material Status Year 1 UA-1 Tsaredarovka, Ukraine 40 - pig manure 15 t / day under construction 2007 2 UA-2 Blagodatnoe, Ukraine - 2400 slaughterhouse waste 20 t / day design completed 2007 3 UA-3 Mitrofanovka, Ukraine 100 - liquid pig manure 44 t / day under ...

    By Zorg Biogas AG

  • Sorti Sorting System Brochure

    DORSET BiOmaSS DRying SySTEm Drying of digestate • Drying of poultry manure • Purification of Exhaust Air • Drying of Sewage Sludge • Drying of Wood / Sawdust • Separation • Pelletising plants• The low electric energy consump- tion is a decisive advantage of the Dorset drying plant. Only 12 kWh are consumed in average when operating a 500 kWth drying plant. This value even ...

    By Dorset Group B.V.

  • Dorset Update Brochure

    English version of Dorset Update :This paper was sent to all German biogasplants in October 2011 to sharepractical experience on the use of waste heat by drying. We have received manyrequests for an Englishversion. So we are nowhappy to present you this translation. Have a good time. Petra Kastein ,Dorset marketing manager.Turkey: DryingChicken ManureAn environmentally sound and value-adding ...

    By Dorset Group B.V.

  • DVO Inc Company Profile Brochure

    Our vision is to harness valuable nutrients and produce renewable energy from the world’s waste streams. Our promise is to design and build digester systems that perform. Our integrity is not ...

    By DVO, Inc.

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