Schelkovo Agrohim

Schelkovo Agrohim is the only Russian company to have made it to the final stage of the international Agrow Awards

Source: Schelkovo Agrohim

Schelkovo Agrohim was shortlisted for the Agrow Awards, the prestigious independent crop research prize, in the nomination of 'Best Innovative Formulation'.

Agrow Awards was created by Agribusiness Intelligence Agrow, a leading global industry agency, over a decade ago. This is a non-profit competition for companies and scientists specialising in plant protection developments. It still has a strong reputation among the professional community: the world's leading companies send their reputable scientists and practitioners from around the world every year, to present their best achievements and compete for victory. Agrow Awards has long been informally called the agrarian 'Oscar'.

The selection criteria for participation in the award are strict: a product or technology must have unique properties and proven practical benefits, and it must be innovative.

These are precisely the characteristics of DEPOSIT ME, the fungicidal microemulsion protectant for grain crops from Schelkovo Agrohim, which is nominated for 'Best Innovative Formulation'.

The Russian company has succeeded in getting ahead of many international companies and has been entered in the list of finalists. The microemulsion, the part of the DEPOSIT ME preparation presented by Schelkovo Agrohim, was highly rated by the juries. It is currently the most advanced formulation of plant-protecting preparations, which allows the properties of active substances to be fully utilised. Due to the nanoscale level of particles (less than 0.1 μm), the active substances penetrate deep into the treated seeds through microcapillaries and destroy all centres of intra-seed infection. In comparison, the particles in conventional suspension concentrate (SC) formulations are 3–5 μm in size, thus seed treatment with such protectants provides only external protection.

DEPOSIT ME was registered in the Russian Federation and put into production in April 2018. It has already been widely recognised by farms growing soybeans, peas and chickpeas. The microemulsion preparation has proven its effectiveness in practice.

The nominee and prize winner of the Agrow Awards will be announced in November at a ceremony in London. However, it is already an honour for Schelkovo Agrohim's large team to be among the finalists—a culmination of their longstanding contribution to the work. Congratulations! We wish you new achievements and victories!