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Poultry Breeders equipment for Poultry Farming

  • Master Formula - Breeder Feed Concentrate

    Feed formulation for breeder with MASTER FORMULA= CEREAL (corn, wheat, etc.) + MASTER FORMULA.

    By DSA Agrifood Products Co. based in Yahşihan, TURKEY. from Poultry Products Product line

  • Texha - Model JUNIOR - Pullets and Broilers Growing Cage

    TEXHA's Junior range of pullet cages provides exactly the right conditions to breed productive pullets. Hatching and rearing pullets is one of the most important parts of poultry breeding operations. The equipment that you choose to house, clean and feed your pullets can make a huge difference to the productivity of your facilities. Every poultry ...

    By Texha PA LLC based in Kiev, UKRAINE. from Cage Equipment Product line

  • Texha - Model 3D Tour - Poultry Housing Systems for Layer Management

    'If you want to improve the productivity of your egg production facilities, installing the right housing for your laying hens is crucial. With the right housing in place, you can deliver nutrients, control cage temperatures and remove eggs and manure efficiently, boosting egg production per hen. Poultry breeders across the world have discovered ...

    By Texha PA LLC based in Kiev, UKRAINE. from Egg Production Product line

  • Hato - Layer Breeder

    Light management for layer breeders is relatively similar to that of layers. Layer breeders and layers are both bred for egg production. However, layer breeders are housed differently than layers. The light climate should be supported by good house lighting to achieve the very best performance from layer breeders. The lighting that is used should ...

    By HATO Agricultural Lighting based in KK Sittard, NETHERLANDS. from Agricultural Lighting - Poultry - Breeders Product line

  • Tigsa Avematic - Feeder for Poultry Breeders

    Our cumulative experience gained in poultry farming allows us to present AVEMATIC; a feeding breeders system has never been so cost effective, with rising production yields day by day.

    By Tigsa based in Vilafranca Del Penedès, SPAIN. from Poultry Product line

  • Zychem - Breathe Ezy

    Zychem Technologies introduced Breathe Ezy to the Australasian market in 2010 in response to requests from Australian poultry breeders who read that the product was being used in the USA to successfully treat upper respiratory fungal, bacterial and viral infections as well as Avian Influenza. The product has been successfully used over the past ...

    By Zychem Technolgies Pty Ltd based in AUSTRALIA.

  • Cablevey - Breeders

    Breeders a female chicken cultivated for optimum and improved output of baby chicks. Often produced for maturation at 25-30 weeks.Cablevey feeding systems and pans are designed to deliver feed to help you cultivate healthy breeders for peak production throughout their lives:

    By Intraco, Inc. based in Oskaloosa, IOWA (USA). from Poultry Product line

  • Model NXB - Automatic Single Laying Nest with Locking Mechanism

    NXB is a single laying nest for broiler breeders. Each hen can use a separate nest hole to lay her eggs without being disturbed. The partitions between the holes are made of plastic and can be opened subsequently. The perforated nest insert is self-cleaning and easy to assemble and disassemble. The nest roof is made of metal and allows for easy ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Nest and Manure Pit Product line

  • Escent - Model S - Mycotoxin Control Spectrum Mixture

    ESCENT  S is a wide spectrum mycotoxin control program and liver protection package combined with a professional risk assessment service. It is a well-researched complex of different active ingredients ensuring multifactorial approach to protect and support against toxins stress  in 5 different ways:

    By Innovad based in Essen, BELGIUM. from Escent Product line

  • Feeding System

    Feeding System for Breeders Multimatic. Ground feeder rain mode distributor. Specially indicated for breeders. Useful in other kinds of birds

    By Eurogan SL based in Alfajarín, SPAIN. from Poultry Products Product line

  • High Frequent Fluorescent Light

    Dimmable from 100% to 1%. Supplied in 2’ 60cm (18W). and 4’ 120cm (36W) or (58W). Lumens 1,600 - 3,200, 5.200. Life time lamp 50,000 hrs. No flecking like normal fluorescent light.

    By AgroMax based in Wijchen, NETHERLANDS. from Poultry Breeders Product line

  • Jansen Poultry MultiFlex - Elevator Egg Transport System

    The MultiFlex Elevator egg transport system transports eggs from multiple egg belts located at different levels to the central egg collection area. Height differences are conveniently bridged without complicated conveyors.

    By Jansen Poultry Equipment based in Barneveld, NETHERLANDS. from Poultry Breeder Products Product line

  • Jansen Poultry FlexBelt - Poultry Egg Transport System

    The FlexBelt egg conveyor belt provides careful transport of approximately 27,000 eggs per hour to the central egg collection area. The open structure of the egg transport system keeps eggs clean. The egg conveyor belt is very flexible, making the system suitable for even in the smallest spaces.

    By Jansen Poultry Equipment based in Barneveld, NETHERLANDS. from Poultry Breeder Products Product line

  • VAL-CO - Poultry Drinking Systems

    We have the perfect drinker for your birds. VAL-CO now manufactures a more complete line of drinkers. VAL-CO has been known as the best nipple drinking system in the market since 1973. Val drinking system have been sold in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the bases of 100% to the major poultry integrators. VAL-CO now manufactures a more complete ...

    By Valmena Ltd. based in Limassol, CYPRUS.

  • Master Formula - Broiler Breeder

    Feed formulation for breeder with MASTER FORMULA= CEREAL (corn, wheat, etc.) +  MEAL (soybean, sunflower, etc.) + MASTER FORMULA.

    By DSA Agrifood Products Co. based in Yahşihan, TURKEY. from Poultry Products Product line

  • Rotem - Model RFS-6 - Poultry Feed Control System

    Designed for broilers or breeders, Rotem's RFS-6 collects display and store feed consumption, water consumption, feed conversion and average bird weight per day during the growth cycle. The RFS-6 activates up to two feed augers (mixing optional), feeders, lights, bird weighing platform and alarm. In addition, for those wanting a simplified version ...

  • Koozii - Community Nest

    Roxell community nest for broiler breeders and commercial layers

    By ROXELL bvba based in Maldegem, BELGIUM. from Poultry Nesting Systems Product line

  • Tigsa - Layers and Breeders Poultry Nesting System

    The nests for reproductive laying purposes and standard laying offer improved comfort conditions to hens and are complemented with an automatic conveyor belt for eggs collection. The design and great quality during the nest manufacture, assures clean eggs, minimum breakage and also preventing “off the nest” laying.

    By Tigsa based in Vilafranca Del Penedès, SPAIN. from Poultry Product line

  • Surehatch - Model SH560 - Automatic Digital Egg Incubator and Hatcher

    Ideal egg incubator for a breeder looking to start a small to medium scale poultry business. The Surehatch SH560 is our best selling medium-sized egg incubator. It is widely used by hobbyists, poultry breeders, farmers and entrepreneurs who seek to hatch eggs. You can also use the SH560 Combo as a starting point for your new poultry ...

    By Surehatch Incubators based in Lanseria, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Sperotto - Model NYDO ONE - Automatic Nest for Breeders

    NYDO ONE is our high quality community nest with one central collective belt suitable for layer parents. It is made up of modules. Each module’s size is cm 230 x 160 and features 4 nests holes designed to host hens. Each nest hole features waterproof painted wooden partitions, translucent PVC internal walls, galvanised steel sheet roof ...

    By Sperotto S.p.a. based in Sandrigo, ITALY. from Poultry Farming Equipment Product line

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