- Post-Emergence Product for Excellent Control of Wild Oats



A post-emergence product for excellent control of wild oats, rye grass and other annual grass weeds with selectivity in both barley and wheat.

Offers good control of wild oats and rye grass in cereal crops

  • Additional brands: GRASP, SPLENDOR
  • Active ingredient: Tralkoxydim
  • Mode of action: ACHIEVE is a post-emergent grass herbicide for cereals. Unlike most other products of its class, it is selective in barley as well as in wheat.
  • With its active ingredient tralkoxydim, ACHIEVE belongs to the group of aryloxyphenoxypropionic acid herbicides (dims).
  • Targets: Annual grasses such as Avena, (wild oats), Setaria (foxtails) and Lolium (rye grass).
  • Main crops: Spring and winter wheat, durum and barley.
  • Geography: The product is marketed in about 30 countries throughout the world.
  • Date of first launch: 1986
  • Main customer benefits:
    • Key advantages of ACHIEVE are:
      • It is the premier grass herbicide in barley, offering unsurpassed safety and unprecedented control of wild oats and pigeongrass (green and yellow foxtail).
      • It is the product of choice for Avena, Setaria and Lolium, with excellent efficacy and selectivity.
      • ACHIEVE is a dry granule formulation, which makes handling safe and convenient.

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