- Powerful Controller for Pig Production



No matter if you produce pigs or poultry the in-house climate is of the utmost importance to make your animals thrive and grow. The advanced ACS2 climate controller guarantees that temperature and humidity is always spot on and at the same time gives you notable savings on your energy bill. The ACS2 climate controller system is based on the newest technologies within regulation, monitoring and communication.

30 % cut in heat consumption

The controller is an integrated part of our ACSnet, which is a completely new, award winning internet based management system. A newly developed software defines the ”dehumidification potential” in the house and automatically stops the process, if the balance between humidity outside and in the house makes further dehumidification pointless (e.g. when it rains). The result is a 30 % cut in heat consumption and an overall improvement of the in-house climate. In short: The ACS2 simply gives you more opportunities to optimize your performance.

Stable climate

The ACS2 does not only cut the heat consumption by 30 %, it also has significant effect on the in-house climate. A stable in-house climate is essential in any house for livestock and will benefit production results in a positive way. In full control the in-house dehumidification process problems caused by excess heating/ventilation is no longer an issue. The ACS2 will help you stay focused in your effort to improve the production figures.

Stay on top of your production

The flexibility and power of the ACS2 makes it suitable for controlling any type of ventilation, heating or system for cooling for livestock facilities. The ACS2 can be updated with new software that will help you stay on top of your production. This update of software can be done via Internet, so you will always be able to update your ACS2 controller with the latest climate control features.

One controller, many users

With as many as 16 languages accessible at simultaneously the ACS 2 serves both the manager, personnel and the owner in whatever language he or she prefers. In order to further ease management the screen menu can be defined based on the needs of the individual user. This transforms a highly advanced controller to be a very accessible every dag tool. When logging in with a private password, the individual user's personal settings matching his or her area of responsibility appears on the screen. The individual level of access can be changed depending on area of responsibility and qualifications. The ACS2 can be operated from all networks with access to the internet.

Traceability and safe production

Safety of production is the main focus at DACS. We have made a huge effort to produce a unit which is well protected against variations in the electric current and other damaging factors. Thus the ACS2 is EMC-tested and -approved. The ACS2 is first and foremost a climate controller, but can also be used for collecting data concerning the production. E.g. the system can be set to record number of animals in the shed, mortality, consumption of water or feed and status in the feed bin. All operations, alarms and other data are saved in the local ACS2 archive. The unit keeps track of all parameters and users for as long as you want, and all events are detectable - be it a simple regulation of temperature, vaccination, cause of death, alarms, partial deliveries or any other event related to the production.

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