Air Seeder


For your toughest seeding demands choose the Tor-Master Air Seeder.


The air tanks come with your choice of 150, 300 or 350 bushel capacity.  The smaller size tank comes with 16.5' x 16.1' tires, while the larger tanks come  with 18.4' x 26' tires.  The blower is powered by a Lombardini diesel engine.  An hydraulic blower can be provided upon request.

  • Shank spacing is 6 3/4' (17.15 cm), 9'(22.86 cm) or 12' (30.48 cm)
  • The mulchers can be 3-bar or 4-bar

  • The slave cylinder hydraulic depth control system allows uniform depth throughout
  •  The shut-off valve ensures no oil transfer between the tractor and the cultivator depth control
  •  The depth can be adjusted easily and uniformly by on turn of the crank


A rugged double A frame hinge system prevents the wings from gouging or skimming

  • The Tor-Master seed boot is designed for all types of grain.  It is positioned above the ground level, preventing plugging during wet conditions
  • Deflector shields prevent dirt from falling immediately behind the boot, allowing  the seed to drop on firm ground

The Tor-Master Air Seeder can provide an optional monitor.  It displays first-hand digital readouts on every line, bin levels, acrage count, fan rpm, metering shaft motion and ground speed.

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