Aquaculture Data Logging Equipment


At Industrial Plankton Inc. we provide tools to support growth of the aquaculture industry.  Our equipment generates the base of the aquatic food chain, reliably, and cost effectively.  Using realtime monitoring, user friendly equipment, and datalogging, our equipment simplifies algae production, letting hatcheries focus on their livestock, and not their algae.

Fry and seed production remain the bottleneck in the production chain of most marine species.  Algae is the base of the marine food chain – if the base of the chain is unreliable, the entire aquaculture production chain is affected. Problems with algae production are often the causes of low or unreliable hatchery yields, costing the industry billions each year due to insufficient supply of seeds to grow outs.

The unreliability and high production costs of microalgae are limiting factors to the success of many hatcheries. Despite efforts over the past decade to develop cost-effective artificial diets to supplement live microalgae, on-site live microalgal production remains a critical element in the operation of most successful marine hatcheries.

As the global population continues to increase, and with per capita seafood consumption on the rise, it is vital that hatcheries are able to cost effectively produce the stock required by grow-outs to meet the increasing global demand for seafood.

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