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- Model BOLIK 50 - Horizontal Log Splitters



BOLIK 50 'US' and BOLIK 100 'US', the horizontal log splitters with an innovative concept, suitable for the professional and home use. A strong structure in an aggreable shape together with a great active and passive security make  BOLIK 'US' a machine leader in his category, comfortable to be operated and moved in the working environement, with special technical feature to perform the way to work at the maximum level!Above all, the automatic double speed, on both BOLIK 50 and 100 makes BOLIK 'US' extremely suitable for high working performances.

The model BOLIK 50 'US' is the ground version, with reduced shipping dimensions to improve the transport. The foot and axle extension is optional for this model, while it is standard on BOLIK 100 'US' on which also the height of the operating control is  adjustable: from 104 to 110 cm. Moreover, the wedge can be adjusted at 4 different lenghts for 4 log capacities! (on the model BOLIK 50 'US' instead, the wedge is fixed).

The power of thrust is not less important than the above features. 8 tons grant the user to split even the strongest and hardest wood!

  • Automatic double speed
  • Reduced shipping dimensions
  • Adjustable height of operating control: 104/110 cm
  • Re-entering hydraulic cylinder
  • Sliding wedge
  • Collecting wood plate (optional)

  • K91000000 OPTION 4 W - 4 way wedge
  • K91150030 OPT. PROLUNGA - Otpion foot and axle extension BOLIK 50 'US'
  • K91550050 OPTION 'PIANO' - Wood collecting plate BOLIK 50 'US'
  • K91550060 OPTION 'PIANO' - Wood collecting plate BOLIK 100 'US'

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