- Model BBPB AT - Automatic Hoof Washing System


Preventive hoof care with high quality automatic hoof wash and disinfection systems. Bovibooster is a “plug and play” system for automatic hoof washing and disinfection in milking robots, and it is approved for organic farming. Bovibooster is developed as an effective prevention of hoof related disease as digital dermatitis. Bovibooster is specially designed to fit both Delaval and Lely robots, but it will also be possible to adapt the system to other robot brands. Bovibooster is available in three different systems depending on the number of robots


Benefits of using automatic hoof wash and disinfection

  • Very low and adjustable water consumption, 1-2 liters per wash
  • Specially adapted and continuous washing pressure of 8-10 bars
  • Uses clean water
  • Possibility of automatic disinfection treatment with hoof care product after every wash
  • Low and adjustable consumption of hoof care product, from 2 to 8 ml per treatment
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • The system is specially designed for milking robots
  • Washing cycle starts after finished milking
  • Easy connection of the cleaning application BB Cleaner for cleaning the robot room
  • Entirely made of high quality and tested products
  • Approved for organic farms in Denmark
  • Danish research results show that automatic hoof washing with clean water reduces digital dermatitis

With Bovibooster you will get:

  • Easy installation
  • Minimum water and Chemical consumption
  • Easy maintenance
  • Clean hoofs

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