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Model CF & CF-R - Folding Arm Forestry Loaders



A comprehensive range of loaders to be teamed with any farm tractor and any trailer, designed to work under any conditions. Made entirely from a special steel ensuring they are robust and lightweight. They feature control distributor with relevant valves, safety valves, oil pump and reservoir, log and lumber fork, and hydraulic rotator.

They come in the following versions:

Arm rotation

  • 360 ° and back with opposed pistons


  • Independent hydraulic Revolving-Extending
  • Independent hydraulic Vertical
  • Independent hydraulic Fold-out


  • From ground
  • From tractor
  • With swivel seat


  • First arm: straight or folding arm
  • Second arm: fixed or telescopic


  • Manure fork
  • Ditch cleaning dredge scoop
  • Log and lumber fork
  • Clamshell bucket

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