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- Model ACS-430 - Active Crop Canopy Sensor


The Crop Circle ACS-430 active crop canopy sensor provides classic vegetation index data (NDVI, SRI and others) as well as basic reflectance information from plant canopies and soil.

Unlike passive radiometric light sensors, the Crop Circle ACS-430 is not limited by ambient lighting conditions— measurements can be made day or night due to its unique, light source technology.

For on-the-go applications, the Crop Circle ACS-430 sensor can be mounted to virtually any type of vehicle to remotely sense and/or map plant or crop canopy biomass while driving through a field. The compact size and low weight design allows Crop Circle to be easily adapted to pole-mounted and handheld applications. Information produced by the sensor can be utilized to quantify the impact of nutrients, water, disease or other growing conditions on plants or crops.


The ACS-430 incorporates three optical measurement channels. The sensor simultaneously measures crop /soil reflectance at 670 nm, 730 nm and 780 nm. A unique feature of the ACS-430 sensor is its ability to make height independent spectral reflectance measurements. Holland Scientific refers to these reflectance measurements as Pseudo Solar Reflectances (PSR). This means each spectral reflectance band is scaled as a percentage and will not vary with sensor height above a target. This opens the possibility of using literally dozens of vegetative indices that do not use ratio based calculations.


Using the Holland Scientific GeoSCOUT GLS-400 datalogger, data can be easily and quickly recorded to a text file on an SD flash card. Additionally, by connecting a GPS receiver to the GeoSCOUT, data collected from the ACS-430 can be georeferenced and stored for later analysis in third party GIS software.


  • Federal, state and corporate researchers
  • Crop consultants
  • Producers
  • Golf course superintendents
  • Plant physiologists/biologists

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