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Model DBMx - Mulching Disc Harrows



The DBMx disc harrows are designed for after harvest soil processing in less demanding conditions, for pre-sowing soil preparation and also for the renewal of permanent grasslands.

Basic model: Supported or semi-supported frame welded from 150 x 100 x 8 mm profiles carries section frames made from flat material cut-outs and 100 x 100 x 5 mm profiles. Work sections with 510 mm diameter discs are attached to the frame with rubber bushings; the disc spacing is 250 mm on centre.

G/DBMx   The work width of the machine, over six meters, is achieved using the universal frame – “G” marked carrier, which allows composing work widths of 8 – 12 metres using standard tool sections. The base console carrying the tool segments is located in front of the wheel axle.
This achieves the right balance of the entire machine, where the tractor hitch is always slightly weighed down, even when the machine is lifted at the turnaround point. One of the frame’s key advantages is that work equipment can be exchanged easily; short discs can be, for example, replaced by a compactor for pre-sowing preparation.

Wheel size:  UP frame 15/55-17

                   S  frame  19/45-17 18PR

                   G  frame  13/55-16 14PR

Equipment - for recommended types of discs see: Disc harrows for mulching, also compatible with other accessories

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