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Feeding System for Sows



Sow herds become bigger and bigger. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for the simple supply of the animals in every phase of production.

  • TEWE – liquid feeding systems allow a feed supply which is optimally adjusted to the biological requirements of the particular
    production phases.
  • This feed supply, optimally adjusted and tailored to the animals demand, improves the physical condition of the sows.
  • Fit and healthy sows give birth to a high number of piglets withconstantly high birth weights.
  • High birth weights in turn are the basis for fast growth and substantial weight increases from the piglet to the weaner.
  • Well-nourished mother sows form the basis of high rates of milk production: High rates of milk quantities guarantee maximum growth and thus high selling weights of the piglets.
  • A computer-controlled feed supply by means of an automatic sensor system made by TEWE for feed control and regulation during the stage of lactation guarantees a demand-tailored feed supply of the sows and thus a high rate of
    milk production without the risk of losing weight.
  • Sows in good physical condition after the phase of lactation produce many ovums and have thus the best preconditions to give birth to a high number of piglets in the next cycle.
  • An automatic, computer-controlled feed supply of sows with regulated feed curves for closed groups (farrowing crates) as well as for open groups in the service center and gestation area simplifies and reduces workload compared to dry feeding methods.
  • In contrast to dry feeding solutions, it is much easier and also cheaper to enlarge livestocks in the different production areas when automated feed supply systems are used.
  • Flexible drinking programs are possible in different variations.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of compartments: There is no electronic equipment in the compartment which might possibly react sensitive to humidity etc.No – quite the contrary: A liquid feeding system installed in the compartment guarantees also here simple and quick handling of all necessary cleaning (high-pressure cleaner / soaking systems ...) and disinfection works.

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