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- Model iTouch Series - Livestock Production Controller

GENIUS iTouch series is revolutionizing the way we interface and manage our livestock production controllers. With a simple touch, swipe or drag of your finger, accessing and modifying control information is as easy and fun as child’s play.   These controllers have been built specifically for harsh livestock environments, and come equipped with our field proven modular hardware and software which is already used in existing GENIUS controllers.

The user-friendly interface has 2 ways to display information: as an animated representation of your building’s inputs and output status; or as a list of parameters. Manual input forms can also be accessed to comment and track better the health of the animals.

The GENIUS iTouch series can also use the optional GE-SL20 slave module to increase the number of relays. Additionally, the modular design of the GENIUS iTouch series permits easy and cost effective maintenance of your controllers, while providing them with the flexibility to grow and evolve according to your ever-changing needs.

  • User-friendly interface
  • High definition 7' or 10' touch screen
  • Up to 12 independent variables with GE-V4
  • Up to 60 relays with GE-SL20
  • Up to 37 inputs
  • 1 alarm output
  • Rugged and sealed enclosure
  • CSA approved
  • 2 year limited warranty

  • Up to 12 independent variable ventilation stages
  • Up to 4 independent variable recirculation stages
  • Up to 2 independent variable heater stages
  • Up to 2 independent chimney
  • Up to 24 on/off ventilation stages
  • Up to 10 on/off heaters
  • Up to 4 on/off timers
  • Up to 1 mister
  • Up to 2 frequency drives relay
  • Up to 2 feed bins
  • Up to 2 poultry scales
  • Up to 6 feeders
  • Up to 6 feed augers
  • Up to 6 inflatable inlets
  • Up to 2 fluorescent lights program
  • Up to 16 air inlets. Each inlet can operate in pot, progressive timer or static pressure modes.

  • Up to 16 inside temperature probes
  • Up to 1 outside temperature probe
  • Up to 6 feed counters
  • Up to 4 water counters
  • Up to 1 static pressure probe
  • Up to 1 humidity probe
  • Up to 1 egg counter

  • History in controller for the following:
    • Temperature probes (time of day of minimum and maximum temperatures)
    • Humidity probe (time of day of minimum and maximum humidity levels)
    • Static pressure (time of day of minimum and maximum static pressures)
    • Water count per day (gallons or liters)
    • Feed count per day (gallons or liters)
    • Heater run times (minutes heater has run, per day)

Remote access, monitoring, data logging and management

The GENIUS iTouch series amounts to much more than high performance controllers when teamed up with the FarmQuest online management service. Together, they make for a powerful management tool that you can access from anywhere in the world. Your controllers are connected to the FarmQuest server, which constantly uploads data and enables you to easily view, analyze and compare results with those of current or previous production batches. Also, when an out of limits condition exists, FarmQuest automatically sends you a warning by email or SMS text messaging.

The GENIUS iTouch series of controllers has WiFi and is also compatible with our WiFarm wireless network, which is specifically created for farmsite applications. Its easy installation eliminates trenching and underground wires that can increase the risk of lightning strikes.

The WiFarm wireless network and FarmQuest online management service have been designed exclusively for the livestock industry by M2M TeleSystems. To learn more about these, click on their respective logos below.

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