- Model GSM 60 El Toro - Hook Shaker



GSM 60 El Toro hook shaker is the result of the long experience and the innovation capacity of Campagnola. Mainly used for olive harvesting and based on the balance between weights and shaking speed, GSM 60 El Toro carries out an excellent vibrating performance.

Since the vibrations are not transmitted to the operator, but to the branches, few minutes are enough to make all olives fall down.The special motion transmission, patented by Campagnola, isolates the shaking unit (formed by an extension pole, a kinematic mechanism and an engine) from the handling points. This way the operator can work without receiving any vibrations and in full safety.

Technical data
• Engine cubic capacity: 52.5 cc
• Power: 2.8 HP - 2.1 kW
• Weight without extension pole: 14.5 kg
• Dimensions without extension pole: 35x91x29 cm
• Extension pole length: 130 cm, 200 cm or 330 cm

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