- Rice Belt Header



The Honey Bee Rice Belt Header speeds harvest with features that allow it to hug the ground for faster, easier harvests eliminating the twisting and tangling problems associated with conventional auger headers. Using drapers and a unique feeding auger, The Honey Bee Rice Belt Header uniformly feeds the crop heads first into the combine providing constant harvest speeds, superior threshing and better harvest efficiency, increasing combine capacity by as much as 20 percent. Plus, it is ruggedly designed to last longer with less down time.

The Rice Belt Header not only ensures proper feeding of rice, but also can be used on any crop from wheat to lupins. When converting from straight-cut to a pick-up header, no combine adjustment is necessary.

Few crops around the world are as difficult to harvest as rice. The stalks are tough, rice is particularly abrasive, and yields can run upwards of 295 bushels per acre. In addition, you’re often harvesting in extremely wet ground conditions. They all add up to tough combining with conventional equipment.

Honey Bee lives to make harvests faster. Starting with an understanding of material flow into a combine, Honey Bee has engineered a better straight-cut header especially for rice. Built on a design that moves the crop smoothly to the feeder housing, the Rice Belt Header defines harvest efficiency with low maintenance features such as an oversized oil cooling reservoir and heavy duty 3/16' tubular steel header mainframe.

The Rice Belt Header is a rugged, ground-hugging header that is designed to last. Add in Honey Bee’s reputation for well-built, dependable equipment and you’ll have a lot more harvest time on your hands.

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