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- Model 1000S2 HD - Grain Crimping Machines



The similar specification Korte 1000S2 HD will process around 15 tonnes/hour of crimped grain. Both the 700 and the 1000 are supplied with three-point linkage mounting as standard, but trailed options are available. They can also be mounted on the Korte Bagging Chassis, which will pack the processed grain directly into a 60 metre-long plastic tube - the ideal solution where no suitable clamp is available to ensile the crimped grain.

Kelvin Cave Bruisers are ideal for outright or shared ownership between farms or as contractor machines capable of meeting high capacity demands.  Both models can be fitted with the unique Kelvin Cave, on-board, digital weighing system, making them ideal for contractors who have to deal with unknown quantities of grain at different locations.  These weighing systems also ensure greater application accuracy when preservatives are being added during processing.

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