Marangon SRL

Model MDN Series - Side Mower



Side mower coupled to the tractor through the three point linkage, first and second category. The primary transmission takes place with four straps SPBX ensuring security in case of jamming and the secondary transmission by gears in an oil bath. The cutting height adjustment is done by recording the third point. The mower is equipped with a suspension that acts on the whole bar reducing the cutting bar usury. The pivot point of the security system is located on the rudder and allows an adequate setback in case of collision with obstacles even at high speeds. The parallelogram lift allows you to handle the mower while working only with the lifting piston avoiding that the shoe touches the ground. A simple acting cylinder allows you to place the mower in a vertical position for the road transport. The mower also has a Kit swaths squeeze and a disc with cone on the right side.

The cutting bar is projected in a very flat way and has an integrated C profile which prevents the flexing of the bar and permits a good penetration in each kind of crops.

Assembled in one module to the cover with six bolts to maximize the strength of the support it lets you easily inspect inside the cutter bar and quickly carry out the disk drive module maintenance in a few minutes without opening the cutter bar. Bearings with strong stress transmissibility can bear the greatest shear strains and the bearings are spaced to enhance resilience.


Heavy thickness with an integrated reinforcement. This application helps to prevent the flexing of the cutting bar, to avoid the twisting of moving parts, especially on uneven terrain. The cover has an angular profile for a good penetration in the high-density forages and this avoid frontal stoppages. Oil capacity: this leads to an improved lubrication, a faster cooling and an efficient movement.

Round disk

Hot forged steel round disks provides a good cutting quality in all conditions and they also require less power. The size allows further setback from the stones that are struck. Round disks do not offer resistance to any obstacles and do not transmit stress or strain to the cutting mechanism. The forged steel blades are particularly resistant and do not bend or flex. Blades are fixed with strong high resistance bolts.

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