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- Model SG220 - Gripsåg

This is an excellent Grip the sig Unsuitable for Convictions of trad and kvistar such as i parkområden and i närheten of ellinjer o.s.v. Requires no extra hydraulslangar Gripen and Gripen has a litet oljeflöde. Gripen is also a cultural ample to MONTERA.

  • Fast and simple to use - developing productivity enhancing
  • Stable both in upptiltat and nedfält Aegean
  • Full control of all the additional features - such as sågen driving behavior several times after each other, but to open up the Gripen.
  • Excellent for lastning and management of Timmer
  • Minimum to MONTERA
  • Although extra hydraullinjer needed - only transparent and Grip Grip Stang
  • And fully steglös scrutiny - such as stanna tilten not lvvägs on the need
  • Option: Trådlös fjärrstyrning (incl. 2 batteries and batteriladdare)

Kan monteras in particular

  • Trucks
  • Traktorer
  • Skotare
  • Grävmaskiner

2 standard alternative to Gripen to target:

  • 2 hydraullinjer (Grip open / Stang) and a elkabel
  • 2 hydraullinjer (Grip open / Stang) and trådlös fjärrstyrning

3 kloalternativ:

  • Risgripsklor (klor without ändplatta)
  • Traditional timmergripsklor
  • A-modells klor (klor with diagonal ändplatta) (+300 €)


  • Mecanil SG220 - Without ackumulering, kabelstyrning
  • Mecanil SG220 RC - Without ackumulering, fjärrstyrning
  • Mecanil SG220 A - Med ackumulering, kabelstyrning
  • Mecanil SG220 A RC - Med ackumulering, fjärrstyrning
  • Mecanil SG220 - Terms for more information on the other kombinationer.

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