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Equipped with diesel or gasoline engines from 4.9 – 6.5 kW, two-wheel tractors Mondial Greeny are the new generation of machines, which in combination with diversified attachments give maximum efficiency in cultivation of agricultural terrains. Mondial Greeny has built-in clutch with 4 speeds, 3 forward speeds and 1 reverse. It’s available with or without differential. Differential enables easier movement of the machine while driving during the hoeing, mowing and other agricultural jobs. Mondial Greeny is equipped with a wheel size of 5.00x10’’ which allows for the possibility of changing working width directly trough the wheels or the wheel track expander. The handlebars can be turned 180º enabling the use of diversified attachments. Motor-stop, the possibility of turning off the clutch when the engine is being started, and the lever which prevents reverse gear from engaging when power take-off is activated, are safety measures of this model.

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