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Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse


The naturally ventilated Poly house was designed to meet the growing needs of farmers around the world to produce higher quality crops thus enhance the return. This naturally ventilated poly house is designed to solve the problem of ventilation and humidity and is especially suited for hot and humid weather conditions. This is carried out by Fix openings located in the centre of each of the structure's arches which runs along the entire length and four sides ventilation, which runs along the entire length & breadth of the structure. These openings allow natural ventilation and release hot air.

Structure is made up of Top Quality Hot dipped galvanized round pipe of 350 GSM and having wall thickness 2mm and covered with multilayer polyethylene.

  • Greed size 8 X 4 Mtr.
  • Ridge Height 6.5 Mtr.
  • Gutter Height 4.5 Mtr
  • Top and Side vent of 1.2 Mtr. & 3 Mtr. Respectively
  • Reinforcement for wind load of 120 km/hr.
  • Reinforcement for Trellising load of 25 kg/m2
  • Cross reinforcement for better strength
  • 2% Slope in foundation level

All material used in structure like connectors, bracket & fasteners are of hot dipped galvanized.

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