Penergetic Solutions

- Model G - Optimal Liquid Manure Treatment


Eliminates unpleasant ammonia and sulphur odors. Controls crust and/or sediment layer formation. Causes slurry to become homogenous. Addresses insects and manure-borne pathogens. Better for soil and crops while protecting groundwater.

“Converting a problematic waste product into a valuable organic fertilizer.”

Suitable for dairy, hog, other livestock liquid manure, penergetic g acts as a catalyst to naturally create an aerobic condition in the slurry, activating beneficial microbes which transform the slurry into a nutrient rich organic fertilizer – which is far more beneficial than the more commonly occurring and problematic untreated (anaerobic) manure or slurry.

Penergetic g is an economical, easy to apply manure treatment method (requiring no capital equipment) used by thousands of dairy farms in Europe, globally (and now popular in North America).

  • Optimizes slurry and liquid manure
  • Stimulates the more complete breakdown of slurry by decomposition/rotting (aerobic process), instead of the more common and less desirable putrefaction & decay (anaerobic process)
  • Overcomes the emission of malodorous gases, including hydrogen sulphide, ammonia & (odourless) methane gas
  • Activates the conversion of ammonia to ammonium (a valuable plant nutrient) resulting in less loss of nitrogen through volatilization (gassing off)
  • Mitigates blocked effluent channels and pits and stops crust formation and bottom sedimentation layers
  • Produces a homogeneous and free flowing slurry
  • Lessens or eliminates the need for agitation of stored slurry
  • For barns with sand bedding, prevents manure solids from sticking to sand so lagoon retains more storage capacity and more nutrients available for field application
  • Overcomes problem of foaming, including when pumping out
  • Higher available nutrient value permits requirements for synthetic fertilizer and farm chemicals to be reduced
  • Reduces causticity for better compatibility with plants and soil microbes
  • Reduces the occurrence of harmful insect and insect larvae
  • Limits probability of pathogenic organisms in slurry
  • Stabilizes manure nutrients resulting in a reduced risk of nutrients leaching into water resources
  • Optimizes manuring effect which activates the soil and contributes to plant nourishment
  • Creates a valuable organic fertilizer that delivers more balanced nutrients to plants and soil
  • No chemical ingredients, no capital investment and energy consumption reduced
  • Environmentally friendly and ecologically balanced (OMRI listed)


Penergetic g is easy to apply:

  • in the barn effluent channels / scraper alleys
  • into underground pits, including through slatted flooring
  • directly into a storage tank or lagoon

* Also works well with flush barn set-up or when sand bedding is used.

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