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Model PRO line - Vertical Logsplitter


The PRO line offer a range of splitting forces, 13,16,19,2 and 26 tons as well as the massive 35 ton splitter! Splitting length from 113 up to 126 cm for higher power models. All the PRO vertical splitters are fitted with a quick release lowering cylinder, to quickly make them more compact for transport and storage. They are all also fitted with a 2 speed valve as standard which has an automatic change on the PRO26  and 35 for fast and efficient splitting.

The hydraulic system uses large components and hoses to reduce heat buildup, for a longer lasting and more efficient splitter. There is a 1 Ton WINCH with automatic unrolling device available as an option to fit to the full range of splitters, to quickly pull oversized timber to the splitter. They all come standard with a log loader to help lift large lengths of timber. In addition to the lateral log loader, there are many features that make these splitters the best partner for professional woodworkers. They are available in electric, tractor driven, or engine versions. All products Balfor are powder coated for a better finish and greater durability.

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