- Model G2 - Speed Grader


The robust front end is made of non-alloy section steel with excellent fatigue resistance. The latest production techniques have been used to keep welded seams to a minimum. The turntable includes a double bearing ring for the heaviest loads. Thanks to its design, the cutting angle adjustment of the plate can be set to “extremely aggressive” to “lightly brush over”.

  • Universally and flexibly deployable
  • High Quality
  • Multi-use carrier vehicles
  • Quick coupling system for easy assembly

Highly flexible state-of-the-art grader that can be fitted to a wide range of carrier vehicles. For your grader, you can use whichever carrier vehicle happens to be available! (tractors, wheel loader, Unimog, truck, digger...)

The assembly is simple and takes no time using the quick coupling system. Your drivers no longer need to have years of experience. Even inexperienced drivers quickly feel right at home when driving the PTH Speed Grader G2.

The robust front end frame acts as a solid, durable bearing element, guaranteeing a precise guide for the turntable and clutch. Afterwards the carrier vehicles can immediately be used for other jobs as needed.

  • Excellent overview of the cutting area
  • Simple single-hand control with joystick
  • PTHtronic controlled load-sensing hydraulics for precise, delicate work

The PTHtronic gives you logical and easy singlehand use of all functions using the joystick, keeping your other hand free for steering.

The PTHtronic controlled load-sensing hydraulic system guarantees precise, delicate activation of all functions.

Performance hydraulics and operation
The performance of the PTH speed grader depends on the carrier vehicle, but can be compared to a 13-tonne grader. The hydraulics are “load-sensing hydraulics” and are only fed from the carrier vehicle.
A Danfoß control block and the PTHtronic guarantee precise, delicate activation of all the grader’s functions.
Using the multifunctional joystick, the grader can be operated using only one hand. The operation of the joystick has been logically and simply designed.

Articulated steering allows you to drive around obstacles and into tight spots comfortably. There is also the option of activating “hydraulic auxiliary steering” on the joystick, if required. It helps to hold to the road if the grader pushes the carrier vehicle to the side.

  • Hydraulic quick coupling system
  • Hydraulic power steering
  • Cutter wear protection to the side (only possible on reorder)
  • Front plate
  • Arrangement for laser automatics
  • Plate banking automatics
  • Cutter bit rail

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