Watson Farm Equipment

Raised Bed Ploughs

Watson Farm Equipment was one of the first companies in Australia to introduce raised bed farming to the man on the land, with the design and manufacture of a range of broad acre bed ploughs. Raised bed systems for growing crops in the high rainfall zones of Australia have enormous advantages and proven financial gains if extra time and care is put in to preparing the ground before seeding.

  • Eliminates almost all water logging in a wet winter or spring
  • Helps to eliminate compaction of the soil by controlling machinery traffic
  • Creates a healthier and deeper seed bed which encourages improved root growth
  • Retains more moisture in dry times

Raised Bed Plough Range 

The Watson Raised Bed Plough range includes linkage and trailing models with:

  • Full width crumble rollers or heavy duty drag chains
  • Hydraulic primary tyne assemblies with plastic lister boards for improved soil flow
  • Registered design 'stone jump' furrower tynes
  • Minimum soil build up
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Linkage models either in a single bed format or three or four bed unit

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