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Rear Drawn Mowing Machine



A deep knowledge of mowing problems together with a continual search for a new solutions,permit us to present the new disc-mower GS ROTOR  and  disc-mower-conditioners GS  FLC  that are an happy blend of high cutting power and great economy of use. All your requirements will be  well satisfied by using of the GS ROTOR and GS FLC provided with special wedge-shaped section of the bar and the advances position of the rotor guarantee a close cut and greater resistance. The discs are moved by a train of gears in casehardened steel, hermetically closed in a box with oil bath.

Transmission is by free wheel cardan joint, 'V' belts and wheels, the bar is suitably protected and the safety release permits rotation of the mowing unit to eliminate the danger of breakage due to accidental impacts.
The entire sliding part of the bar is protected by strong interchangeable shoes which protect the disks from damage due to eventual foreign objects on the ground.
The cutter-bar is raised to the transport position by means of an hydraulic piston and is locked into place with a suitable safety-hook, release of the bar to return to a working position is obtained directly from the driving seat of the tractor.

The disc-mower GS ROTOR and GS FLC  are provided of  strengthened discs  and thanks to a  remarkable ribs that ensure an optimum resistance to stones. The blades guards are new  and protected in order to be easily removed. The  disc-mower-conditioner GS FLC  are provided with a rubberised conditioner having a groove type 'CHEVRONS'. The strength of conditioning is adjustable and if, foreign parts put into cir cuit, the rollers will open. Through this  system we obtain an homogeneous conditioning that is optimum for every kind of forage.
We have to point out the following technical characteristics:

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