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The cord drive is characterised by the easy fitting on the floor, which allows the system to occupy very little space. Thanks to the stainless barn flooring you can rely on a system that will work well for years. Just as in the case of Duo Compact drives, the scraper system functions with two drive stations per scraper system. The scraper is pulled in each direction by one of the drive units, while the other drive unit lowers the cable. The cord drive is exceptionally appropriate for alleys that are not of equal length, or for three alleys.

The big advantages of using the type with cord are:

  • The service life of the cord (polyester compound 18mm, with a breaking load of 5500kg), in combination with recovery and shortening possibilities.
  • Extremely animal friendly.
  • Self-adjusting. Clamping is not necessary, therefore less maintenance time.
  • The electrical engines have a capacity of only 0.37 kW, adjusted for the real load. In this way, it is safer to adjust the system.
  • Low scraper speed. For a barn of 45 meters, a maximum of 3.5 meters per minute.

This system can be fitted to both slatted floors and solid floors. Depending on climate conditions, the maximum circuit length is at approximately 150 meters (based on two scrapers on a solid floor). When more scrapers are added, the circuit length decreases.

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