Machinefabriek Steketee BV

Seed Bed Combination Machine



The steketee seed bed combination is the ideal machine for spring and autumn soil cultivation without disturbing soil structure to prepare the ground for planting and seeding once over. It is a seed bed combination that can be composed in many different ways, so that any firm can be supplied with a fitting combination. The Steketee seed bed combination consists of a frame with an adjustable reversible three-point trestle, allowing the machine to be mounted both at the tractor front or at the rear.

On the front
Mounted on the front tractor lift in combination with a planting machine or soil cultivation machine.

No soil smearing
The soil is loosened with 2 rows of large or 3 rows of straight cultivator tines, preventing soil smearing.

On the rear
Mounted on the tractor rear lifting device as seed bed combination for preparing the seed bed, or in combination with a seeder.

Build-up of the machine

Various rollers, tines, crushers and spring-loaded smoothing beams can be mounted to the frame. Before or after these tines, various kinds of adjustable rollers can be mounted, such as a bar roller, Steketee angle bar roller or a set double crusher rollers. The working depth can be controlled with the spindles on the machine.


  • Less runs, lower fuel use
  • No extra tracks, planting in virgin soil
  • Time economy, high working speed
  • No PTO shaft needed
  • Capillary action of the soils retains its good state.
  • Favourable load distribution

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