Model Series II - Deluxe Versatile


The King Hitter Series II Deluxe King Hitter post driver displays the patented innovative engineering skills of Fairbrother Industries. For the serious Farmer, Rancher or agriculturalist where reasonable lines of fencing in tough terrain are required to be created or maintained. The King Hitter Series II Deluxe King Hitter is designed for tractor rear mounting on standard three-point linkage. It comes with a fully hydraulically adjustable Top-Link ram and Variable Mast side-angle adjustment. The King Hitter Series II Deluxe King Hitter is a serious Postdriver with serious individual fencing in mind.

  • 12' 6' 14' 16' Girder Construction Steel Mast. The optional mast height is calculated to allow the weight to drop at maximum gravitation speed to produce maximum kinetic energy.
  • For long post placement.
  • Big 450 lb to 600 lb weights producing up to 105,000 lbs of Driving Force.
  • High Tensile 'Live wound' lifting cable for maximum strength and extra life.
  • Easily mounts on standard three-point linkage.
  • Hydraulic variable adjustment top link gives 10º forward and 20º rear movement and hydraulic side angle adjustment left or right of 20º quickly allows for accurate post placing on undulating terrain.
  • Requires just one person to operate with easy and simple controls.
  • Safety Post-cap is standard. This transfers the driving force where it counts, directly into the post.
  • The best warranty’s in the business. King Hitter is so well engineered it is Covered by the 'Fairbrother double the warranty' (conditions apply)
  • Optional Side Mount adaptor Frame kit for Series II. Enables faster, quicker fence post placement by allowing the Tractor to be driven parallel to the fence lines.
  • Side Shift Kit for the King Hitter Series II Deluxe King Hitter with 200mm(8”) side adjustment, allows for accurate post placing without unnecessary tractor movements.
  • Optional Hinged mast as per 'Series III' can be added at time of order. 

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