- Model 4200 - Boltable Bulk Bed



With more than 5000 units sold and over 40 years of experience building self unloading Bulk Beds, SPUDNIK knows about Beds. The model 4250 is the 3rd generation Bulk Bed design following the model 2000 and 2100.  Designed for maximum payload and high speed unloading, the Bed is designed to be unbolted for shipping purposes. The design has been proven over the years to be reliable and low maintenance with an aerodynamic straight side that is easy to keep clean. SPUDNIK was the first to use the concept of the double drive on the bottom belt for a smooth powerful unloading system. The SPUDNIK bed can be used to transport and unload a variety of crops, including Potatoes, Sugar Beets, Onions, Wheat, Barley and other grains.

  • Available lengths: 20, 21, 22, 24 and 26 feet.
  • 30 Inch unloading belt, driven from both ends.
  • Full length fold down side door for easy loading in the field.
  • Fold down rear door for loading with a Piler from the rear.
  • Hydraulically operated rear door to meter the amount of product to unload.
  • Roll over tarp options to protect the product during transit.
  • 30” double drive system provides the highest unloading speeds in the industry.

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