Three-Layer Black and White Film for Mulching and Ensiling



The mulching film is placed on the soil surface to create the over-soil climate, increase the soil temperature by 3-5 degrees, preserve the soil structure, save water by retaining moisture under the film, slow down the growth of weeds, accelerate the plant growth and to protect matured crops from contacting the ground.

There are several mulching types:

  • Black mulching has a “herbicide” effect (all the sun rays are absorbed, and the growth of weeds stops completely). However the soil warms up slowly and there is a risk of “burning” the plants due to polyethylene film overheating by the sun.
  • Transparent mulching promoting rapid warm-up of the soil, while the film is still cold, and excluding the risk of “burning” the plants. The main drawback is that thereby favorable conditions for the growth of weeds are being created, and the use of herbicides is therefore required.
  • Black-and-white is the best mulching option, in our opinion. The black-and-white film allows to reflect some of the sunlight from the ground to the plants, which positively affects the growth of crops, as the soil warms up from the bottom layer, which is heated by the sun passing through the white layer of the film. The upper surface of the film is not heated strongly and therefore does not “burn” the plants. Also, there is complete transparency for visible sun rays, which is a barrier to the growth of weeds.

The film is manufactured in the form of sleeves or half-sleeves 4 to 6 m wide (the full width of the film ranges from 8 to 12 m). The film thickness is 100-150 microns.

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