- Cableless System


With more than 20 years of experience in wireless acquisition, first with the I/O RSR™ system and now with the highly adaptable Sercel UNITE cableless system, CGG is at the forefront of proactively seeking alternatives to cables to safeguard the environment and our personnel.

  • Cableless surveys afford additional flexibility to fill a variety of operational needs.
  • Cable-free acquisition is adaptable to the survey design to promote the optimal resolution of the reservoir, and is ideal for programs in highly sensitive environments such as protected wildlife reserves or urban areas.
  • CGG’s UNITE crews are able to provide real-time data to the observer to ensure excellent quality while in the field. Through remote data harvesting, the crews can access the stored data without interrupting normal operations.

  • 20 years as the leader in wireless acquisition utilizing RSR and UNITE recording systems
  • Flexible crews able to use cableless and multi-spreads to achieve the best results within the constraints of the environment and terrain
  • Ability to support dynamite, vibroseis, airgun or mixed-mode operations
  • No ‘shooting blind’ with real-time or remote data harvesting for excellent infield quality control
  • Proprietary battery design to simplify battery management and meet stringent shipping guidelines
  • Capacity to provide one merged dataset from mixed cable and cableless surveys
  • Continuously recorded data supports microseismic monitoring, 24-hour operations, and advanced vibroseis programs

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