- Model VS 98 D - Pre-Pruner



For extreme canopy growth, we recommend Pre-Pruner VS 98 D. The cutting tools and their screens are arranged on both sides, and driven by four motors; they have no trouble with even the densest growth. Depending on the frame size and the number of cutting tools, the height cut can be 42 cm, 56 cm, 70 cm or 84 cm.

Standard equipment

  • Speed of screens adjustable from driver's seat
  • Trigger to open the unit manually at a post
  • Cutting tools on both sides


  • Frame extension VS 98 (machine supplied with next larger frame)
  • Pair of unscreened saws mounted below the frame (for cordon-trained vines)
  • Lateral saws for VS 98 (cutting length 56 cm)
  • Lateral knives (cutting length 56 cm)
  • Storage frame VS 98

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