Model ZK 350 WIR, SIPMA ZK 450 WIR - Rake



SIPMA ZK 350 WIR and SIPMA ZK 450 WIR rakes are designed to rake green fodder, dried green fodder, hay and straw. Welded body with articulated fitting of the front frame allows mounting the rake on the tractor three-point linkage and ensures comfortable operation and excellent tracking of the terrain.

Oil transmission ensures long-lasting and reliable operation.

Raking arms with three double tines (SIPMA ZK 350 WIR) and four double tines (SIPMA ZK 450 WIR) ensure efficient raking of forage as well as uniform and permeable banks.

Adjustable screen allows for setting the desired width of banks.

Knob allows for step-less adjustment of the distance of the raking fingers from the surface.

15 x 6.00 - 6 balloon tires contribute to easy and comfortable operation.

The ground wheel (SIPMA ZK 450 WIR ) ensures the best mapping of the area, pure raking in difficult work conditions and it improves driving of the machine. It’s perfect for irregular surfaces – tines of rake don’t have any contact with the ground, they less wear and tear and they maintain a longer life.

Transport position facilitates transport and storage of the rake. Readjustment of the rake into the transport position (without the need of using any tools) is possible due to foldable raking arms and lifted safety guards.

Tandem-type chassis (SIPMA ZK 350 WIR – additional accessories, SIPMA ZK 450 WIR – standard) prevents contamination of the forage with soil and quick wear of the tines as well as ensures accurate raking of the material.

Additional height adjustment (SIPMA ZK 450 WIR) of the tandem-type chassis allows more accurate set up of the rake’s operation height.

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